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Glass Information

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Welcome to Fire & Stove Glass – The top place for your red hot glass.

Here at Fire & Stove Glass, we have put together a comprehensive list of glass sizes from the top manufacturers, that you can use to check your own dimensions. We always advise our customers to take their own measurements and then confirm them by checking our size guide, as manufacturers can change their sizes without notifying us first.

You can view all the sizes by clicking on the link to download a PDF version of our guide :-

Fire & Stove Glass Size Guide – Updated October 2022 (Click Here to Download)

The dimensions are a guide only and should not be relied on entirely for your measurements. Please ensure you have measured the glass required yourself as well as using the guide to support your findings.

If you would like a standard sized piece of glass from our size guide. Simply transpose the dimensions to the glass calculator and place your order from there.

See our Help Centre link for more information about glass and our products.